7Pcs Bikini Privates Shaving Stencil Set

7Pcs Bikini Privates Shaving Stencil Set

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It is said that keeping private parts of the hair is bad for private health. Because of modern dressing habits, private parts of the hair are often covered, making private parts in a warm and humid environment, which is easy to breed mold, trichomonas, pubic lice, and a variety of germs. This Bikini Privates Shaving Set trims private parts appropriately that can improve the environment of private and make your easy life.

The Bikini Hair Trimmer can safely and comfortably shave, trim and maintain sensitive bikini areas with a sharp, hypo-allergenic bikini razor blade designed for use on sensitive skin. It is easy to trim as close to the skin as you want while avoiding irritation and razor bumps with a women's shaver trim head. The beveled waterproof bikini trimmer head also helps to cut and remove excess hair more easily.

Adding fun to life, improving sexuality, and improving the quality of sexual life. Sexy, stimulating partner sexual desire, touch better, enhance life passion, and improve self-confidence. Become a more confident woman. The personal razor can be easily trimmed as close to the skin as possible while avoiding irritation and shaving with a female razor trim head. Get rid of the embarrassing summer when wearing a bikini. The private parts are more healthy and sexy. 


  • Heart-type: 55*52mm/2.17*2.05in
  • Beauty tips: 35*53mm/1.38*2.09in
  • Lightning type: 70*25mm/2.76*0.98in
  • Crescent type: 48*38mm/1.89*1.5in
  • Straight type: 75*13mm/2.95*0.51in
  • Starfish type: 59*40mm/2.32*1.57in
  • Triangle type: 55*21mm/2.17*0.83in
  • Shaving knife: 90*25mm/3.54*0.98in