Hair Removal Tool Smart Professional Warmer Wax Heater SPA Hands Feet Epilator Depilatory Skin Care Paraffin Wax Machine Kit

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1. Screen display, visual display temperature. 6-digit key operation is flexible.
2. The bottom heating is adopted, and the wax melting time is shortened by one third compared with traditional products.
3. Intelligent temperature control technology can accurately control the temperature, so that wax beans reach the best state of drawing, and will not burn the user's skin while removing hair.
4. The inner pot adopts Teflon coating, which is wear-resistant, beautiful, and has a strong texture. The wax beans are not easy to stick to the surface, and cleaning is more convenient. The inner pot has a wax scraper setting.
5. The shell material is ABS material and PC material, durable and durable.
6. The two ways of melting wax are melting wax wax beans (default temperature 85 degrees Celsius) and canned beeswax (default temperature 75 degrees Celsius) to meet different needs.
7. Long press the temperature switch button for 3 seconds, Fahrenheit and Celsius can be switched at will.
8. Memory storage function. The temperature of the melting wax used the previous time will be stored to the next time, without the need to readjust the temperature, it can be completed with one key, which is convenient and fast.
9. The handle on the outside of the wax machine is convenient for consumers to carry, and at the same time reduce the drop during use or transfer.
10. The temperature can be adjusted up to 120 degrees Celsius. Good thermal insulation effect.